Brad Pelo is an entrepreneur and movie producer. His story was first chronicled in the New York Times as a “Teen Entrepreneur” long before it was acceptable to drop out of school and start a business at a young age.

His first business, started at age fifteen, brought real estate listings to the computer age. After his LDS mission to Michigan he attended BYU and joined four fellow students to cofound Folio, the creator of one of the earliest search engines and predecessor to companies like Google. Folio was successful enough to garner the attention of the market incumbent in search, Lexis-Nexis, which ended up buying the company and asking Brad to lead its effort to bring their own services to the Internet.

In 1997 Brad returned to Utah where he negotiated the purchase of the book and magazine company, Ancestry Publishing. With the new acquisition in hand Brad and fellow cofounders created, today’s leader in genealogical research. The following year Brad negotiated the purchase of the LDS publishing house Bookcraft and lead the effort to bring LDS culture, history and literature to the Internet. These pioneering efforts brought the first Internet broadcast of General Conference and web versions of the scriptures, church magazines and other publications. Bookcraft was later purchased by Deseret Management Company and the assets and capabilities of the company were distributed among the ecclesiastical functions and business interests of the LDS Church.

Always interested in the role of media in our society, Brad spent several years as the producer of uplifting entertainment including the movies Forever Strong and The Legend of Johnny Lingo and seven years as producer of the 4th of July event Stadium of Fire at BYU’s LaVell Edwards Stadium.

In recent years Brad has been the CEO of i.TV, a social media company based in New York City that services the television industry.

Brad has also served as a trustee of non-profit organizations including America’s Freedom Foundation and, a foundation he helped establish that makes grants to elementary schools across America to support the teaching of leadership principles at an early age.