John began his interest in film at age twelve when he purchased his first camera, a VHS Camcorder. John grew up shooting action short films on video, and editing on two VCRs. Even at this early stage, John’s talent and style began to emerge: quick cuts, great composition, and fast camera movements deployed with a sense of humor that offsets the action.

In recent years he has edited over 20 feature films including Age of the Dragons, House of Fears, The Wild Stallion, Outlaw Trail and Forever Strong.

John not only has the usual credit of editor, he also frequently serves as producer, writer and director of photography on his films.

John is best known for making crowd-pleasing independent films with fairly low budgets and fast schedules. His recent directing adventures include the Covenant Communications release Miracle Maker, the romantic comedy You’re So Cupid, the action-packed thriller The Eleventh Hour, a heartfelt drama One Man’s Treasure and the fun and exciting teenage girl mystery Minor Details.