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A BYU-Idaho guide to halloween

The aroma of pumpkins and caramel apples mixed with auburn leaves and crisp air, accompany autumn. Among other things, Halloween becomes a highlight to this time of year. Here are some ideas to enjoy Halloween time in Rexburg.

Previously, BYU-Idaho students planned Halloween themed carnival dances, costume themed 5k marathons, activities for families and service activities for those with special needs.

Students can celebrate the holiday with pumpkin carving and other traditional Halloween activities.

“My cousin and I have gone pumpkin carving each Halloween for the last three years,” said Jon Lewis, a junior studying recreational management. Wal-Mart usually has some good pumpkins, but you can usually get them anywhere that sells groceries.”

Some students prefer Halloween traditions with a twist. Annie Stoll, a junior majoring in international studies, decided to add a different spin to Halloween.

“I carve pineapples every year because it smells better, tastes better, and reminds me of warm weather,” Stoll said. “It’s like having a tropical Halloween wherever you are.”

During Halloween, explore the Civil Defense Caves, Ice Caves, Wind Caves and 40 Horse Caves, all within an hour and a half drive. There are also many hikes around Rexburg, as listed in the AllTrails app.

“My wife and I went into this weird cave this one Halloween and found ourselves in a sewer minutes later,” said Dallin Havili, a senior studying English. “It was gross, but the experience was enough to do again.”

The Straw Maze, located on 2000 W. Archer Road, requires an eight-minute drive from Rexburg. After 7 p.m., it includes a haunted maze and haunted forest on weekends. Starting on Sept. 17, the Straw Maze will be open to the public, and from Oct. 5 to 31, the haunted maze and haunted forest will run, according to the Straw Maze website.

The Haunted Mill, another option for scare-seekers, opens at 7:30 p.m. during the Halloween season according to its website. In Teton, Idaho, the Haunted Mill promotes several legends throughout its haunted attraction including Slenderman, the lady in white and the scarecrow.

In addition, Boo at the Zoo in Idaho Falls, Dr. Slaughter’s House of Terror, the Blackfoot Crazy Train, Haunted Mansions of Albion and Larsen’s Maze in Rexburg provide other ways to celebrate Halloween this year.

As a reminder, whatever you choose to do this Halloween, do not do alone, but rather with someone who has been to the location before and feels comfortable leading the way. In addition, follow posted signs and all safety regulations.


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