A look into the experience of library employees

A picture of the David O. McKay Library. photo credit: McKay Library website.

The David O. McKay Library is, on the surface, a fairly ordinary building on campus. It has books, computers, copiers and the other various items of a library. It’s fairly easy to overlook as just another campus building.

However, there is a quote from the late Sir Terry Pratchett that fits especially well here: “You get all sorts of people in the library, and the librarian gets it all.”

Michael Parrella, a sophomore studying biology, works at the McKay Library and seems to be in agreement with Pratchett.

“The people who work in the library make working a joyful experience,” Parrella said.

Student librarians love to help their fellow students.

“My favorite part … would probably be just helping students with any questions they have, checking out books and different tasks around the library,” said Ana Soto, a junior studying biostatistics and library employee. “I think it’s really rewarding to be able to help other people out.”

Both Parrella and Soto said their least favorite part of their job is waking up early for early shifts.

The McKay Library is a place with employees who are more than willing to help.