A shop for the sustainable and trendy

Customers rave about the jean tables at the shop. Photo credit: Julia Brunette

Thrifting has taken a rise in popularity over the past decade, especially amongst younger generations.

A 2019 Resale Report from the online thrift store thredUp contains data showing that shoppers are striving to be more sustainable by spending their cash on used or thrifted items. The hunt for vintage jeans, sweaters, band t-shirts and much more is also a motive for some of these thrifting consumers.

Kambry Hansen is the owner of the store Thrifted Lennons, located in downtown Rexburg. She was a student when she started her business as a reselling Instagram page during the summer of 2019.

“That did really well, and I fell in love with being able to encourage sustainable shopping and unique pieces for people’s wardrobes,” Hansen stated about the Instagram page.

Hansen later opened a storefront on College Avenue with a friend who was starting a bridal rental business. They split the cost to rent the space and launched their businesses in Fall of 2019.

Thrifted Lennons is at 22 College Ave, Rexburg, ID 83440.
Thrifted Lennons is at 22 College Ave, Rexburg, ID 83440. Photo credit: Julia Brunette

The Thrifted Lennons shop officially opened up with Mariah’s Bridal in December of 2019. Hansen decided a few months later to open a separate storefront for Thrifted Lennons, right around the time the effects of COVID-19 started to come into play for Rexburg businesses. She explained that it was a difficult time to open up a new store, but expressed gratitude to her customers for helping her business get through the pandemic.

Kenna Davidson, a Rexburg resident is a fan of the shop and started shopping there at the start of summer.

“I always find the most perfect jeans there,” Davidson said. “I like that they have trendy and unique stuff. It’s such a cool hidden gem in Rexburg, and I love the vintage feel and details to the shop, especially in the dressing rooms.”

Customers like the dressing room walls for selfies and Instagram stories.
Customers like the dressing room walls for selfies and Instagram stories. Photo credit: Julia Brunette

Davidson explained how she feels Thrifted Lennons tailors to a different audience than typical clothing stores in Rexburg. She likes that the shop showcases trendy clothes that aren’t “fast-fashion” or “cheap.” This is something that is also important to Hansen.

“I have always loved thrifting, and the idea of wearing clothes that have had a story,” Hansen said. “More for sustainability purposes, but I have always thought that there is a reason the clothing at thrift stores has lasted, whereas fast fashion usually doesn’t make it to the thrift store.”

Hansen explained that clothing can take months or even years to break down in landfills. She feels that reusing clothing is an essential part of living a sustainable or green lifestyle.

“I love that thrifting offers individuals the opportunity to really seek out their style, rather than have very limited options to choose from,” Hansen said. “When you walk into a store at the mall, they have specific style sections and it’s really hard to get creative sometimes. Not only are you utilizing recycled clothing, but you’re going to have a much more unique wardrobe than those who shop fast fashion. Thrifting is cheaper, sustainable, more unique, and more fun. In my opinion, there are no negatives to thrifting.”

Some racks are color-coordinated to help customers.
Some racks are color-coordinated to help customers. Photo credit: Julia Brunette