Addiction recovery in Rexburg

Coombs answers questions after his presentation. Photo credit: Jarian Fred

The conference room at SpringHill Suites on Yellowstone Highway was packed full the evening of Oct. 27. Jason Coombs, founder of Brick House Recovery, visited Rexburg to share his story of addiction recovery.

Coombs started with a simple question: “What are you expecting to get out of tonight?”

The audience emotionally shared desires to learn how to help loved ones in situations similar to what Coombs had been in.

Coombs’ addictions started at the age of 21. His curiosity led him to struggles with pornography, drugs and alcohol.

His first long-term drug abuse was possible because a doctor was illegally selling prescription drugs. When the doctor was caught, so was Coombs, and he was charged with “four felonies and a couple of misdemeanors.”

It was when Coombs’ first son was born and given up for adoption that he decided he would put in the effort to change his life, and he successfully did. To date, he has been sober since 2009 and is enjoying life with his wife and two children, as well as a meaningful relationship with his first son.

Coombs is now the founder and CEO of Brick House Recovery, a faith-based treatment center for substance use disorder.

“I have a backstage pass to a miracle show,” Coombs said. “I don’t know where else I can go where I can see people go from shark eyes, complete darkness, to bright light in such a quick timeline. That is the power of deep diving into the process of recovery.”

Spencer Sanders, a junior studying communication, attended Coombs’ speaking event.

“Tonight I wanted to learn how to get started helping myself to find the motivation to be better,” Sanders said. “I think everyone struggles with an addiction. It doesn’t matter if it’s substance abuse, or using your time unwisely, or just bingeing that same TV show six, seven, eight times. It doesn’t matter. You’ve got something, but today I wanted to learn about how to let go of the things that control me, how to surrender expectations for myself, and just live better.”

Coombs has many other resources for those seeking help, including his book Unhooked” and the resource page of the Brick House Recovery website.