Art blooms at monthly Art Stroll

A floral design basks in the Romance Theater's lights. Photo credit: Grace Wride

On the first Friday of each month, Rexburg hosts an Art Stroll somewhere around the city. Different art pieces and themes are featured every time. This month, the city of Rexburg worked with BYU-Idaho to allow students to showcase an upper-level horticulture class at the Romance Theater.

Katie Robison, a member of the faculty for the Department of Applied Plant Science and the professor for Contemporary Floral Design, said that the event is like a “proud mama” moment.

“It makes me so happy to see where they come from and how they grow through the semester,” Robison said. “It’s been really fun to see what they’ve come up with, and the thing that I love about interpretive design is that people are able to make an emotional connection with what they’re doing.”

For this event, each of the students made a floral arrangement based on a postcard of their choosing. Some students chose postcards from their hometown or other places they have had emotional or spiritual experiences at.


“Other people made them based on artwork that helped them get through difficult times,” Robison said. “And so, when they were designing, it helped them to connect with those feelings and emotions, too.”

Robison said they have been working on this project for the whole semester. On the first day of class, students got the assignment and started thinking about what they wanted to use for inspiration. With the event occurring this week, it was crunch time. Some students spent nearly 15 hours on their pieces.

Diana Rahman, a senior majoring in professional studies, was one of the students displaying a piece at the showcase. She said that over the last several weeks, they have been preparing the design for their pieces. Then, two weeks ago, they ordered the flowers and got to spend the last week arranging the flowers and making their designs come to life.

Rahman based her arrangement on time she spent in Hawaii a few years ago with her husband and some of their friends.

“We got to explore the island, and I’d been once, but I’d never been with my husband, and so it was very special,” Rahman said. “I just fell in love with the island and the people, the food, the greenery, everything. I just loved it. So, that was my inspiration.”

Rahman graduated with her associate degree from Ricks College 32 years ago, and now, she is back wanting to get her bachelor’s degree.

After she graduates in the spring, she might do some sort of floral work out of her home.

Jasmine Peery, a senior studying communication, was another student displaying her work at the Art Stroll. Her work was based on one of her favorite movies.

“So, I am obsessed with ‘Cruella,’” Peery said. “And so, I picked out a card that gave me those same vibes, and I really wanted to make a dress that had those same types, and that’s what I went with.”

Her design didn’t just include flowers — she designed and constructed a dress to go along with her arrangement.

The tulle gathered at the waist and extended down, meeting the arranged flowers at the bottom of the dress.

Eliza Van Dyke, a sophomore studying horticulture, attended the event. She is currently in a landscape design class right now, and the event piqued her interest as she will have to take the Contemporary Floral Design class eventually.

Because the students had to base their arrangements on postcards, there was a station for attendees to watercolor a postcard of a place that makes them happy.

As she painted a postcard, Van Dyke said that in her landscape design class, they use similar concepts.

“I wanted to see the floral design equivalent of that, because we’re all just creating something using elements and principles of design,” Van Dyke said. “It’s just really interesting, seeing all the different ways that we can create something.”

Inspired by the event, Van Dyke expressed how excited she is to take the class in the future.

Photo credit: Grace Wride