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Beauty is found at this month’s art stroll

On Friday, June 3, from 5-8 p.m., the community gathered for Rexburg’s monthly art stroll. The tradition offers Rexburg’s artists an opportunity to display their work while the community has the chance to see different art pieces and themes.

“I really love helping budding artists that are maybe doing their first show, and they’re so excited, and it just makes me really happy to give them their art show and support them,” said Carly Paul, the event manager for Rexburg Cultural Arts. “That’s probably my favorite thing.

This month, the Romance Theater featured Darren Clark, a photographer from Idaho Falls. Clark’s preferred style of art is the natural world — primarily landscape photography.

Local patrons viewing photographs by
Local patrons view photographs by Darren Clark. Photo credit: Tatum Troescher

“Living in a place that’s sort of, what’s a nice way to say it? Sort of ordinary, sort of mundane a little bit,” Clark said. “I mean, we’re close to beautiful places, but the immediate surroundings are kind of ordinary. It kind of forces you to work hard to make interesting art in ordinary places, and so I think just living in a place like this makes me work hard to make interesting photographs.”

The walls of the Romance Theater’s lobby were lined with various photos displaying landscapes and portraits of Clark’s work.

“I find my inspiration just living life and getting out and experiencing the world and then trying to photograph that gives me an opportunity to bring that experience home, I guess, and share it with others,” Clark said.

Clark believes that art offers the community a chance to escape from their daily hardships.

“Life is hard,” Clark said. “Life is sometimes unpleasant. Sometimes it’s very pleasant. But being able to have something like art gives us an opportunity to escape from the ordinary, escape the difficulties, and so I think it provides an uplifting and an edifying experience that kind of sits outside of life a little bit.”

Clark’s goal is to help people appreciate their surroundings and care for the environment.

Art being displayed at the Romance Theatre
Art being displayed at the Romance Theatre. Photo credit: Tatum Troescher

“There is beauty and meaning to be found wherever you live, even in places seemingly ordinary and mundane like Rexburg,” Clark said.

For more details about Darren Clark and his photography, the community can listen to a podcast interview between Clark and the Rexburg Cultural Arts Department.

More information about the June Art Stroll can be found on the Rexburg cultural arts website.


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