BREAKING NEWS: Field by Towers I parking lot catches on fire

Photo taken after the fire was put out. Photo credit: Jessica Banks

On Sunday evening, around 10:20 p.m., a student reported a fire growing in the field by the Towers I parking lot.

James Gerber, a junior studying accounting, was walking home from a friends house Sunday night when he spotted what he thought was a campfire across the street from his apartment complex.

“I looked across the street and there was a fire,” Gerber said. “I thought maybe someone was having a campfire, but it looked kind of big. So, I walked over there and no one was there, so I called 911 and explained.”

Officer Scott, with the Rexburg PD, was on the scene. He said they were still investigating the incident by asking people questions about what they saw.

Roxy Snyder, a senior studying chemistry, lives across the street from the Towers I. A couple of hours before 911 was called she heard and saw kids lighting off fireworks in the parking lot where the fire was adjacent to.

“We heard screaming and so I came outside to check it out and it was the screamer fireworks,” Snyder said. “Then I saw somebody walking away.

Scroll will update the story as it progresses.