BREAKING NEWS: Second pedestrian hit by car in crosswalk in the past two weeks

Investigators monitor traffic and the scene of the incident. Photo credit: Julia Brunette

On the evening of Dec. 9, a female pedestrian was hit by a car as she was crossing the street on the corner of W. 4th S. and S. 3rd W. The individual was transported to a nearby hospital to have her injuries checked.

In an interview with Scroll, the individual who hit the pedestrian described the situation:

“I was waiting for an opening, I went and drove and as I turned left, I was only going like 15, and I heard a hit noise which freaked me out because I was like, ‘there’s no way that was a car. How did something hit the side of my car?’ So I stopped immediately got out and saw that she was just there. She had a bump on her head. I don’t know her name. But I just went and I called 911 as soon as I could, and I just checked in with her.”

After the female pedestrian was sent off, the individual who was driving talked with the police. He then was checked by medics, who told him that the pedestrian was in fine condition.

Blake Geform, a freshman studying virtual design and construction, was at the scene when police were taping off the area.

“We (Geform and his roommate) had kind of just been watching and we see there’s a puddle of blood on the sidewalk, and then they started taping up everything and so it’s kind of crazy,” Geform said. “Especially because this isn’t the first time it’s happened since I’ve been here. On the same sidewalk. There was another lady that got hit and broke her ankle or something.”

Medics arrive at the scene to check the individual who was driving the car.
Medics arrive at the scene to check the individual who was driving the car. Photo credit: Julia Brunette

Geform recalled an incident earlier in the semester where a woman was hit.

“They should probably do something about this crosswalk here,” Geform said.

This is the second incident in the past two weeks where a pedestrian was hit by car in Rexburg.

Scroll will update the story as more information becomes available.