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Bright futures on display in the BYU-Idaho Center

On March 19, seniors will show off their projects at the communication senior showcase, but next month they could be showing off their blue caps and gowns, ready to move on to the next stage of their lives.

Students in the Communication Department will present and display their senior projects on March 19 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the BYU-Idaho Center.

These projects are students’ opportunity to show their skills, talents and dedication to their professors and future employers as their time at BYU-I comes to an end.

According to the BYU-I website, students choose their own topics for their projects which are usually something they are passionate about and directly correlates to their emphasis or major. A minimum of 50 hours must be spent on these projects in order to get approved.

Joseph Whiting, a senior studying communication, has been working on his project for the last eight weeks. His project is to help students in his emphasis, strategic organization communication, take advantage of different tools that are available for them to use.

He collected data through a survey distributed to students in this emphasis, then created a list of different tools.

During the research he evaluated the amount of hard skills and soft skills that students have. Hard skills are teachable and measurable abilities such as writing, reading and math. Soft skills are personal attributes such as being a good communicator or possessing leadership skills.

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned in this project is the importance of combining hard skills with soft ones,” Whiting said. “I think as comm students we shy away from hard skills which are vital to our professional success. Students in this emphasis, in particular, would benefit from developing hard skills and having a career path and a map of hard skills to complement it.”

He created four career paths, collected detailed job postings and drafted a list of different certificates and minors that will be useful in these listed job postings.

“I really feel like Senior Showcase is a place where we see a glimpse into the blindingly bright futures of BYU-Idaho students,” said Whiting.

Students, faculty and the general public can view Whiting’s project, as well as many others in the halls and lobby of the BYU-I Center.


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