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BYU-I Senior showcases his photography in the Spori

“In each image, I am reaching out to you, whether my models are wearing something beautiful or something abstract. This way you can see how fashion brings strength, potential and confidence.”

Those are the words of Mung Seng Ng, also known as “TenTen,” a senior studying photography. On Dec. 3 at 5:30 p.m., vibrant and powerful colors filled the walls of the entrance in the Jacob Spori building, as TenTen showcased his project “Seductive Color.”

TenTen’s exhibit showcases photos and props that he created for his senior project. He is pursuing a career in fashion and wanted to capture the concept of confidence shown through fashion in his project.

He explained that in high school he struggled with having self-confidence and often compared himself to his peers. When he got older, he started finding his own fashion sense, which built up his confidence.

“I feel like fashion is sort of like an expression for myself,” TenTen said. “It lets me be who I am and who I want to be.”

He explained that fashion is like a shield for him.

But I’m not trying to hide behind fashion or anything,” TenTen said. “It’s become a shield, or my strong suit, to present myself to others and give me confidence. That is the most important point of my project.”

TenTen explained that the pieces are very abstract, some showcasing different lighting techniques and sculptures. He feels that confidence can be shown through different lighting techniques and colors, which represent a person’s confidence.

TenTen’s favorite piece involves a bubble sculpture he created out of paper. Originally, he planned to make a whole bubble dress, but felt discouraged after the first five minutes of the creation when it tore on the model.

“It broke my heart when I had to call the shoot off,” TenTen said.

After some time, he decided to recreate the piece and get back to working on what he had envisioned.

“I thought, I need to get back to where I fell off,” TenTen said. “I fell down and I needed to stand back up.”

He found a way to rework the sculpture into the piece and it ended up catching the eyes of many viewers at the exhibit.

Zachariah Power, a senior studying art, also found the picture with the bubble prop to be a favorite of TenTen’s pieces.

“He has a lot of talent,” Power said. “I have never seen photographs that were done that uniquely. He has props that I would never think to put in the piece but fit so well with it. It’s just so different from what I normally see.”

In fact, many viewers shared how the exhibit was different from what they are used to.

“I want people to just have the ability to be confident,” TenTen said. “Like how fashion helped me to have the feeling of confidence, I want them to have that feeling.”


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