BYU-I students carpool home every weekend

Photo from Unsplash Photo credit: Sippakorn Yamakasikorn

Many college students don’t have cars or adequate transportation to allow them to visit home on weekends.

BYU-Idaho students have come up with a way to tackle the problem by carpooling home and back to school on weekends using Facebook as a mutual platform to announce trips to and from Rexburg.

“It’s nice to have people to ride home with, and it’s fun to get to know new people all the time,” said Macey Parker, a sophomore who frequently makes weekend trips to Logan, Utah, bringing other students along the way.

Parker continues to make the weekend trip and bring new people with her every time. She and other drivers charge passengers to help pay for gas and travel. Passengers are dropped off at their destinations as soon as the driver can safely get them there.

“I was excited to try it for the first time, because I was excited to make some new friends while traveling,” said Brinley Marcum, a sophomore studying communication.

Many students post on the “BYUI Ride Board” on Facebook to find or offer rides, post their prices and announce when they’ll be coming and going. Trips from Rexburg to Salt Lake City or Provo are a popular choice, as well as many other destinations.

Students who don’t have a car at BYU-I benefit greatly from the ride board. They pay their way for gas, meet new friends and see new sights along the way. posted a statistic that among the 214 national universities that reported data on students with or without cars in college, the average percentage of students who chose to bring cars to campus in the 2016-2017 academic year was under 50%.

Less students have become victim to this statistic because of the ride boards and the willingness of other students to carpool. More students now have the opportunity to visit home and see family and friends.