BYU-Idaho welcomes The Spirit of Wicks

Booth located in the McKay amphitheater Photo credit: Sam Castro

The Integrated Business Core class challenges students in the business major to create their own campus-based company. The Spirit of Wicks is one of these companies, offering a variety of scents in their uniquely named candles for a set price of $15.

“After the pandemic, connecting has been challenging,” said Kaylee Franklin, a senior studying business management. “We feel that through the Spirit of Wicks we can help reconnect people.”

close up look at candle products
close up look at candle products Photo credit: Sam Castro

The Spirit of Wicks doesn’t offer just regular strong-scented candles. The 19 students behind this company decided to add a touch of uniqueness to their business by including a chip at the bottom of each candle that links directly to a playlist that will match the essence of the candle chosen.

“We wanted to turn something simple into something unique,” said Josh Wimsatt, a junior studying business management.

Another notable characteristic of these candles is their names.

“Our target market is college students so the names had to relate to them,” said Carlie Callahan, a senior studying business marketing.

Some of the most popular names include “Your Ex’s Sweater,” “Free Britney,” “She Ghosted Me” and many others.

The most popular candles sold by The Spirit of Wicks
The most popular candles sold by The Spirit of Wicks Photo credit: Sam Castro

The Spirit of Wicks received its name in an attempt to commemorate and represent what the Rexburg community is.

“We bring back the Spirit of Ricks through playlists and scents,” Wimsatt said.

The Spirit of Wicks will be serving from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday in several locations around campus. The daily locations will be announced through their Instagram page. They also have a website that you can check out here.

The owners of this business are unsure if they will continue to grow and develop more candles after the IBC class is over, but they do plan on having “Candle Parties” where participants will be able to create their own candles and name them. Since this event is currently being planned, they still don’t know whether it will take place during this semester or in the future.