Car show drives into Rexburg

BRZ going through autocross cones Photo credit: Spencer Marler

Looking for a date night? A family activity? Life-long friends? Spencer Worthington, a freshman majoring in general studies, and Spencer Marler, a sophomore studying business management, host car shows with Loren Clifford, a senior studying civil engineering. The show is held every other Thursday night at 7 p.m. in the Harbor Freight Tools parking lot. These three friends call it the Tempest Car Meet/Show.

This free event is full of car enthusiasts and students from around the world showing off their vehicles and aftermarket modifications. They love to show and share with everyone who wants to stop by and enjoy the passion around these automobiles.

Loren Clifford wiping the hood of his second generation Mazda Miata
Loren Clifford wiping the hood of his second generation Mazda Miata Photo credit: Loren Clifford

When car shows happen in Eastern Idaho, they are usually far away from Rexburg and only last a day or two for a set period of time, usually once a year.

According to, the next two official Idaho car shows will be more than three hours away. One is being hosted by the Pharaohs Car Club of Spokane in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, at the Idaho Car Culture Kootenai County Fairgrounds.

The last additional car show in Eastern Idaho is being hosted in Mountain Home in the Carl Miller Park on July 24, with a fee of $20.

Tempest doesn’t charge entry fees, and the car meet is always held in the evening at 7 p.m., so attendees can check out the different cars in cooler weather.

These other car shows are the only official car meets presented on the website as of right now, but more information about these car shows can be found at

Cars lined up for car meet
Cars lined up for car meet Photo credit: Loren Clifford

According to this Google event page, most other car shows in Idaho feature more classic cars than modern ones. Worthington and Marler’s car show is all about the modern muscle driving machine.

“Lots of car shows out there have older models,” Marler said. “But we focus on more modern muscle and cars that people might be more familiar with. It’s always cool to see what different things people do to their cars.”

Clifford said that having fun autos with different modifications is their focus and that they want every car enthusiast in Rexburg to come and enjoy a time with others who share the same passion.

Cars lined up for show
Cars lined up for show Photo credit: Loren Clifford

Worthington expressed that during the first show, they had approximately 80 cars show up to the meet. This number was incredible and a huge surprise to the team. They realized they could keep going to make new memories for the community and for those who didn’t know much about these cars.

“I wanted there to be something more for the car community,” Marler said. “People who know about cars can enjoy others with the same interests and make tons of connections. The car show is for enthusiasts or for anyone who wants to learn about the culture we value.”

Getting the community involved is important to the three hosts, since automobiles are rooted in each of their pasts.

Spencer does tons of car photography
Spencer does tons of car photography Photo credit: Spencer Marler

“I used to help my dad on cars, and I used to go to shows back in Colorado,” Clifford said. “Having a car show here really opens up a community of people who love cars just as much as we do and we get to see cool rides and fun people who make it a great time.”

Worthington told a story about the first time the group met. The local police station had received multiple complaints about vehicles revving their engines and driving too fast. Local authorities didn’t see any current danger when they arrived and also mentioned that they had no problem about the car show happening in the desired parking lot.

Worthington, Marler and Clifford believe that safety is a top priority for the cars and the people attending the show.

“Safety is a very important thing for us; people can rev their cars, but we don’t want people to burn out or put people in harms way,” Worthington said.

Car show happening in the winter
Car show happening in the winter Photo credit: Loren Clifford

Families might also be interested in this event. Worthington shared an experience that happened at one of the shows that emphasized how beneficial these events can be to the community.

An attendee told Worthington that he was driving past the parking lot when his son insisted and begged his father to pull over so they could see the cars. Worthington realized that this moment was special for the father and son, but also for him personally. The son, who happens to have special needs, was able to come and see his passion for cars up close and locally.

“I thought it was so cool that this kid had the same connection to cars that I have,” Worthington said. “It makes me want to plan bigger events like this for families and kids.”

College students are always looking for more ways to have fun in Rexburg, and local residents might find a memory with their friends and family that can last them a lifetime.

Worthington pointed out that its a place where people can enjoy a passion together, because there are so many people whom he would not have met if it weren’t for this car show.

Child gives thumbs up in his electric jeep between a Mazda RX-7 and Mazda Miata
Child gives thumbs up in his electric jeep between a Mazda RX-7 and Mazda Miata Photo credit: Loren Clifford

“People make so many unexpected friends,” Clifford said. “So many different kinds of people can come together and check out these cars. And these people probably would never have met if it wasn’t for a small gathering like this.”

Marler also said that he considers these car meets a great place to network with others during the show.

The Tempest car meets also have competitions and prizes for certain entries on display.

If students or locals want to enter their vehicle into the show, all they need to do is come and check out the rest of the cars that show up.

For Focus ST at the auto show
For Focus ST at the auto show Photo credit: Loren Clifford

The community can find more details about times, places, changes and announcements about these car shows on Tempest’s Instagram page.

Marler also mentioned that Tempest might be starting autocross in the near future. For those interested, more updates can be seen on the Instagram page.