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Jenny Oaks Baker performs at BYU-I

The Grammy-nominated violinist debuted her new album in the BYU-Idaho Center.

Adeline Blomfield: BYU-I’s yogi

BYU-Idaho offers free campus recreation classes for students, and one yoga instructor has had a major impact on participants.

The Writing Center: what to expect

Learn what to expect from your tutoring appointment in the Writing Center.

Locking down a city of 25 million: life inside the windows of Shanghai

Apartments in Shanghai are turned into quarantine centers.

LGBTQ Latter-day Saints speak on faith, empathy and love

I’ll Walk With You Rexburg concludes with its third meeting.

Music in the gospel

What impact does music have on adults who grew up with it?

The accidental profession in the heart of campus

A BYU-Idaho librarian shares how she found her way into library work and the many resources the library can offer.

Doug Wilkinson: Grounded in the gospel and on the gridiron

Football can take a person many places, but rarely does it take them to BYU-Idaho.

The community gathered for “Singin’ in the Rain” at the Romance Theater

The Romance Theater featured "Singin' in the Rain" for April's Throwback Thursday movie event.

Top 5 podcasts BYU-I students are vibing to

From edginess to holiness, there is a podcast out there for every student in Rexburg.

International student brings his dance culture from Chile

Sebastian Huerta is an international student who began dancing Chilean folklore at a young age. He has the opportunity to share his passion and...

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Column: How “Under the Banner of Heaven” desecrates the name of the Church

Hollywood is known for exaggerating true stories into more fiction than fact. This time, they've done it with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

What campus has to offer for family history work

Get to know the exclusive resources BYU-Idaho offers its students.

Spring cleaning at the University Store

A clearance sale at BYU-Idaho's University Store is being held from May 16 through May 21.

The Spotlight: Caleb Payne

NATAS North West Scholarship awarded $15,000 to Caleb Payne, a BYU-I student, for the second year in a row.