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Doug Wilkinson: Grounded in the gospel and on the gridiron

Football can take a person many places, but rarely does it take them to BYU-Idaho.

The community gathered for “Singin’ in the Rain” at the Romance Theater

The Romance Theater featured "Singin' in the Rain" for April's Throwback Thursday movie event.

Top 5 podcasts BYU-I students are vibing to

From edginess to holiness, there is a podcast out there for every student in Rexburg.

International student brings his dance culture from Chile

Sebastian Huerta is an international student who began dancing Chilean folklore at a young age. He has the opportunity to share his passion and...

Solidifying faith in times of despair: The story of Kyler Russell

Kyler Russell and his family have experienced many trials in their lives, but their testimonies of their Savior have never been stronger.

BYU-I student invents pre-workout powder

$30 was all it took for Joseph Fry to create Alpha Raptor, a pre-workout that matches his needs.

Kate Farmer: I beat anorexia

Kate Farmer, one of many who has battled an eating disorder, overcame her disorder and still thinks of it often.

The life of a Ukrainian student

Bombs, limited food and uncertainty lie within Ukraine.

Top 4 hidden gems near you

These four eastern Idaho gems near you have a lot to offer to BYU-Idaho students.

Yoeli Childs: Living the basketball dream

“He's just an excellent teammate, an excellent person. He is really a positive force for our team.”

On and off the court: BYU-I coach Carl Jackson

BYU-Idaho competitive league basketball coach Carl Jackson is running with a current, season-winning record and intends to keep it that way

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Hidden treasure at BYU-I: One year later

A year after Scroll hid a geocache on campus, who has found it, and what treasures were taken (or left behind)?

LDSPMA opens new chapter at BYU-I

The society connects students with professionals in the publishing, media and arts industries.

Learn to kayak in chlorine

Roll up to the John W. Hart Physical Education Building's pool for kayaking lessons.

BYU-Idaho web development team wins national award

After winning at the state competition in March, the Website Development and Design team from BYU-Idaho went on to win first place at the BPA Post-Secondary Nationals in Dallas, Texas.