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i-News 1-29-09

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i-News 1-26-09

Two Eagles

BYU-Idaho On the Move #102

A Positive LDS Online Presence A Response To In Defense Of The Internet Why Latter-Day Saints Should Use The Web

This blog was originally posted as a response to the article written by Chris Kirkham entitled, "In Defense of the Internet: Why Latter-Day Saints...

Facebook Serves A Purpose Helps Raise Animal Awareness

 Popular social networking site Facebook reached new heights as “Olive” the Oiled Otter amassed more than 1,500 friends and became more popular than anyone...

New Church History Library Opening

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is preparing to open the doors of a new, state- of –the-art Church History Library in...

In Defense Of The Internet Why Latter-day Saints Should Use The Web

A lot of people had an “A-ha!” moment on Sunday. I managed to have an “Uh-oh” moment. It was at during Elder Bednar’s CES fireside...

Sweep Of The Swine Flu Hurts The Global Economy

AP Photo Archive Last week the swine flu threw another punch to a global economy that has already taken quite a beating this year. Here...

Idaho Senator Wants To Make American Indian Health A Top Priority

Idaho senator wants to make American Indian health a top priority By Whitney Lindstrom Idaho Senator Mike Crapo highlights American Indian health concerns as new director...

New LDS Spanish Bible Already Rolling Off The Press

In an effort to bring a uniform Bible to Spanish-speaking members throughout the world, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has recently...

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BYU-I professors to publish book on mental health support in the classroom

BYU-Idaho professors seek to support students by publishing a book about improving mental health and education in the classroom.

Problems with parking passes and solutions to make them tolerable

Some suggestions from a BYU-Idaho student to improve the parking pass system.