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EDITORIAL: What if I don’t serve a mission?

Returning early or choosing not to serve does not make a person an unworthy member of the Church.

A passion fruit changed my life

During my time in Mexico, I learned that happiness is found in a grateful heart, not in life's circumstances.

COLUMN: 5 must-take elective classes at BYU-I

If you are wondering whether fun college classes exist, take a look at BYU-I's elective credits.

Column: Save live music

Rexburg kinda sucks right now.

Creativity is not a gift, it is a skill

What are the benefits of a creative mindset, and how can we develop our creativity?

Column: ‘Born in the USA’ — An American anthem for change and pride

It is in our nation's blood to improve where we can as a society, while being grateful for what we do have.

Column: Holy envy

An honest look at my time in the Holy Land.

COLUMN: Confessions of an Asian American in Rexburg, Idaho

As an Asian American who grew up in the United States, I had to come to terms with my own racial prejudice to accept who I am.

Marriage ≠ consent

The words "I do" don't erase a person's right to their own body.

Editorial: A call for gender equality

Though the number of working women is growing, gender discrimination still casts a shadow on equality in the workplace.

COLUMN: The truth about aliens

World UFO Day encourages us to confront our fears about the unknown: Aliens are real.

Column: I don’t need your input

Balance is overrated anyways.

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Completed Pocatello Idaho Temple opens its doors to the public

The Pocatello Idaho Temple open house began with a media day for local and surrounding media personal.

Devotional cover: Patiently pressing forward

In the first devotional of the semester, the Eyrings encourage students to be prayerful and patient during challenging times.

Official notice: Dating safety

BYU-I released an official notice this week regarding online dating and the inherent dangers that come with it.

Official notice: Fall Semester 2021 COVID-19 update

BYU-Idaho releases updated information on its COVID-19 regulations for the upcoming fall semester.