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COLUMN: Understanding the formal dress standard

As we follow tradition, we should consider if change is needed regarding the way we dress for church.

Editorial: The divide between single and married students at BYU-I

Single students and married students at BYU-Idaho need to address the socially harmful and self-perpetuated segregation between their parallel lives.

BYU-Idaho March Madness tournament challenge

With March Madness quickly approaching, BYU-Idaho activities want students to sign up for the bracket challenge.

Becky Mackintosh talks with parents of LGBTQ children

Becky Mackintosh shared her story and provided resources for parents of LGBTQ children.

Extended Play Cinema features ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’

The Romance Theater featured "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" for their third Extended Play Cinema.

BYU-I students give thoughts on school’s March Madness bracket challenge

The tournament brings together those who want to test their prediction skills.

Black-Tie Gala event aims to raise health awareness in the community

The charity ball will be an opportunity for all to come and dance the night away.

Come see ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ at the Romance Theater

The Romance Theater will feature "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" for their third Extended Play Cinema event.

Column: 8 ways to have fun during Rexburg’s winters

Some may mistake the name Rexburg for Iceberg. Despite the weather, Rexburg has plenty to offer to bring students joy in the wintertime.

Rexburg North Temple hits Stage 1: first stage of planning

Rexburg is soon to be the smallest city in the world with two temples.

Unexpected talents revealed at BYU-I talent show

A night full of music, dancing and comedy at the BYU-I talent show.

Pipes: How to avoid bursting

Bursting pipes has been an issue recently. Let's address the problem.

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Column: How “Under the Banner of Heaven” desecrates the name of the Church

Hollywood is known for exaggerating true stories into more fiction than fact. This time, they've done it with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

What campus has to offer for family history work

Get to know the exclusive resources BYU-Idaho offers its students.

Spring cleaning at the University Store

A clearance sale at BYU-Idaho's University Store is being held from May 16 through May 21.

The Spotlight: Caleb Payne

NATAS North West Scholarship awarded $15,000 to Caleb Payne, a BYU-I student, for the second year in a row.