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Check out Teton Bagel

The fight is over. No more wasting your time trying to figure out where to grab breakfast or lunch.

Say hello to homemade bagels that you can find at a nearby farm in Rigby. Through persistence and dedication, this food truck was created. A BYU-Idaho alumnus had one simple idea, and it is now bringing joy to many.

Inspired by the TV show, “Schitt’s Creek,” Ryan, founded Teton Bagel. In the show, one of the characters had an idea to start a bagel shop, which wasn’t supported by the other characters.

“So, I decided to make bagels,” Ryan said.

He began delivering bagels in February of this year and saved up enough to start his own food truck. Ryan’s mother was a culinary arts teacher and a baker with her own cookbook. He learned from her and applied it to his food truck.

“Everybody’s helped me in some capacity,” Ryan reflected. “We were super poor for a year to a year and a half, we didn’t have anything.”

Teton Bagel has worked its way up and has some great reviews.

Owner of Instagram page, Rexburg Foodies, shared their excitement about Teton Bagel. Rexburg Foodies has gone around all the neighboring bagel shops in Rexburg, with a goal to find the best bagel shop.

“I have tried all the bagels in Rexburg,” Rexburg Foodies said. “And I even used to make the ones at the school and by far (Teton Bagels) are the best ones I have found.”

In the next post they will be discussing all the bagels they have tried and give an analysis. They explained how the feeling there is different and it feels nice.

“It is a good vibe and good driving location,” Rexburg foodies said.

In the outskirts of Rexburg sits a food truck with bagels that brings joy to many residents. One idea of making bagels brought about a close community and a place for families, students and anyone at all.


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