Home Projects City Council meets on Jan. 20 to discuss future plans for Rexburg

City Council meets on Jan. 20 to discuss future plans for Rexburg

On Jan. 20, the city council met to review the effects of last year’s events, plans and proposals, and go over the upcoming events and plans for this year.

To start the meeting they welcomed new city employees, which included a new planning and zoning planner, IT systems administrator and police department employees.

Different council members took turns discussing their committee liaison assignments for 2021.

Council Member Walker explained that the Emergency Services had reported transporting about three to four COVID-19 patients a day, either from their homes or from Madison Memorial Hospital.

Council Member Trisha Flora explained the success they were having in {{the}} crosscountry skiing at Teton Lakes Winter Park. There was a discussion about adding an ice skating rink next year.

The Airport Board received a letter of intent for a flight school out of the Rexburg Airport. If it goes through it is estimated to have 100 students.

“The police department has announced that they are officially COVID-19 free,” said Council Member Brad Wolfe.

In the budget reports, there was $2.6 million overspent, which is pretty typical for this time of the year. The city is currently spending $31 million on investments.

They discussed potholes during a report on public work. Keith Davidson, explained when potholes are “big and bad enough” they will fill them, but as winter progresses, potholes will develop more.

Some of the project reports and highlights include:

Rexburg Rapids is planning to open around June 7 and their closing date is still undecided. A big change will be a retile of the pool’s wall.

Rexburg summer pickleball tournament was added to the list of recreational activities, as well as new programs such as cornhole and boys basketball alliance. Youth volleyball was discontinued.

Cultural arts are developing escape room kits about the museum and as time progresses they hope to have an escape room in the museum.


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