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Clearing the clutter

With the end of another winter semester comes sunlight, crowds at Porter Park, and the stunning realization that while hibernating in an apartment for the last 6 months, you have gathered quite the collection of nameless objects that serve no purpose in your life.

Brooklyn Dean, a senior studying psychology, explained that when she thinks of spring cleaning, she thinks of hoarders and emptying out everything you own.

Chelsey Berryhill, a junior studying family consumer science, described spring cleaning as a time to not be inside all the time. It is a time to freshen everything up.

Spring is the time to clean those cluttered closets and dispose of all the candy wrappers trapped in the bottom of your backpack.

Litzy Gonzalez, a Rexburg community member, works to clean homes in the area. She remarked that the clutter she sees in most homes comes from personal, everyday belongings that get left out, such as shoes, coats and bags.

If you have a hanger for your coat or a mat for your shoes, use it. It will help you avoid deeper cleaning in the future.

Clothes tend to build up as well. We keep them because we constantly tell ourselves that someday we will wear them.

“For clothes, if you haven’t worn it in the past two months, you probably will never wear it, get rid of it,” Dean advised.

Berryhill recommends that rather taking on the entire apartment at once, break it up into sections.

“Set a time for each project and find a good playlist to jam to or your favorite podcast,” Berryhill recommends.

The Spruce, an organization dedicated to helping its audience make their best home, reemphasized this point of breaking up the project.

“Create cleaning checklists for each room to help you get organized and to remind you of the areas that need extra attention.”

Though as college students we do not necessarily clean room by room, we can clean item by item. Find a way to break up the work to avoid getting stressed.

According to Health Enews, having a clean home can lower stress and fatigue.

So as spring semester begins, clean out those closets and make room for a warmer, spotless spring.


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