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With taxes, Instagram, campaigns and more, the College of Business and Communication “creates an environment that allows students to flourish and grow spiritually, personally, and professionally.”

Students interested in learning more about these departments or degree options can visit the Academic Advising Office in Chapman 101, schedule online or call (208) 496-1411.

This article pulls information from the BYU-I academic catalog and the individual department webpages.


If Tax Day holds a special place in your heart, if you can balance the accounts receivable with the accounts payable — and balance the required textbooks — and if the numbers just “speak to you,” you might be a good fit for the Accounting Department.

This department prepares students “to succeed in graduate studies and make immediate contributions in the workforce” through credentialed faculty who build students’ functional knowledge, technical skills and professionalism.

Accounting is the only bachelor’s program this department offers.


Are Instagram and Tik Tok notifications the highlight of your day? Are design mistakes easy to pick out? Are you tired of puns and bad jokes in these articles? For those who want to write these articles, create social media content, learn about dyadic encounters or take a screenwriting practicum, the Communication Department has a place for you.

This department’s one bachelor’s degree, split up into various emphases, prepares students to “work in exciting, wide-ranging, fast-changing, cutting-edge careers.” Students can focus on journalism, visual communication, public relations, video production and more.


If money and numbers “speak to you,” but the idea of accounting sounds taxing, you might check out the Economics Department — along with the stock market.

Through hands-on training and both applied and theoretical exercises, this department “prepares students for many exciting and challenging employment opportunities.”

Classes can range from Economic Thought and History, Agricultural Price Analysis and Cultural Paradigms to Managerial Accounting (maybe you can’t quite avoid it).

Students can choose between four majors in this department: agribusiness, agricultural economics, economics and financial economics.


Do you see in dollar signs? Dream of directing the cash flow or managing the money? Then check out the Finance Department.

Within the three offered bachelor’s programs, faculty members “provide a practical education that helps graduates make immediate contributions in the workforce.”

The bachelor’s degrees available are business finance, business analytics and business management operations.


If you relate to the statement “a real boss has no boss” or you want to polish your people skills, the Management Department could take you where you want to go.

In this department, students “practice business skills in a variety of learning environments, including simulation, case, and experiential” in one of two majors — business management and applied business management.

Students can choose from classes like The Cycle of Cash, Business Exploration and Orientation, Professional Selling and Data Warehousing.


Do you watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials? Or excel at games like “Snake Oil”?

With growing demand in the career — not football — field, the Marketing Department provides “relevant, up-to-date content delivered in engaging, highly effective learning environments such as simulations, client-based projects, student-run businesses, and case studies.”

The Marketing Department offers one bachelor’s program: business management-marketing.


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