Column: 10 questions to ask yourself to get to know your body better

Pictured: Christine Peavler, a junior studying marriage and family studies.

You have an innate ability to know your body and how it is doing.

Sometimes, it seems like life is moving so fast, especially with a jam-packed college schedule. From homework to classes to a job to attempting to have a social life, it can be hard to balance it all. Even with all the chaos of being busy, taking care of your physical body should top your to-do list.

These 10 questions provoke thought and a way to reconnect with your physical body. Answer them honestly, recognize what your body needs and follow through with the goals you personally set.

1. How does your body feel in this moment?

This is your body checkpoint. Take 30 seconds to recognize how your body is doing. Do you feel any pain? Are you sore? Start at your toes and work your way up to the top of your head. Is there a body part that hurts regularly?

2. Why are you grateful for your body today?

Our bodies are hard-working machines. Even if your body does not work the way you like, it does a lot of good. Name off those things and give yourself the validation you deserve.

“I think it is appreciating the good that Heavenly Father gave us,” said Anne Smith, a junior studying communication. “It would be rude to not appreciate it, even though sometimes it is hard to do.”

3. What will you do today to give yourself joy?

Even with crazy schedules, it is possible to find joy and do something for you. It can be as small as calling an old friend, or taking a nap or wearing an outfit you really like. Your body performs better when you feel happier. Do a small something for you.

4. What are your current feelings?

Narrowing in and labeling your feelings helps you recognize the thoughts in your head and how that is either positively or negatively affecting your physical state. Stress can play a big role in how your body is working.

According to the University of Michigan School of Medicine website, “When you’re stressed or anxious, your body reacts as if it is under attack.”

This feeling of being “under attack” causes your mental and physical states to overwork themselves. Your thoughts and body are interconnected.

5. Do you feel like you got adequate sleep last night?

According to The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, good, quality sleep helps your body repair heart and blood vessels, maintain a healthy balance of hormones and protect against viruses.

Your body functions better with more sleep and can positively affect your mental state. If you felt like you didn’t get enough sleep, what are you going to do to go to bed earlier?

6. Do you feel like the foods you are putting in your body are helping or hindering your health?

Think about what you have eaten in the past week. Do you feel like the foods you are eating are making your body feel good? What types of food do you feel like you need more/less of?

“I think the food you put in your body drastically affects how much energy you have,” said Kendalynn St. Louis, a sophomore studying psychology.

7. Are there any social media accounts that make you compare yourself or make you feel “less than”?

If you can think of any accounts like this, either unfollow them or mute them. Seeing pictures of people that hurt you does not have to be a part of your daily routine. You don’t have to see it.

8. What does your “inner critic” most often tell you about what your body looks like?

“I think Satan wants you to become fixated on something negative,” said Christine Peavler, a junior studying marriage and family studies. “It distracts us from what we should be focused on and what is really important.”

Everybody has flaws with their physical appearance. Most of the time, they are hidden and not spoken. If we recognize what our “inner critic” is saying, we can begin the journey of loving and accepting who we are and the way we were created.

9. What is one compliment you can give yourself right now?

It can be anything from physical appearance to the way you handled a hard situation to the fact that you got out of bed this morning. You can give yourself more than one compliment. You deserve it.

10. What are you going to do today to treat your body better?

Your body works hard. You work hard. Ponder a way to show your body love in a small and simple way. This goal can set the tone of your day, week and beyond. Reflect on the answers you gave and see what you feel like you can do to treat your body with more love and respect.

These questions are here to be reviewed more than once. There is power in being in tune with your body and knowing what it needs.