COLUMN: 7 places for quiet reflection in the Rexburg area

A winter sun sets over mountains. Photo credit: Grace Wride

Written by Jessica Banks, Julia Brunette and Grace Wride

A constant stream of homework, dates, socializing and roommates can leave college students feeling overstimulated and anxious. Sometimes we need a place to escape from the physical manifestations of our stress. Here are some nearby places you can go for a moment of quiet reflection and peace of mind.

Eagle Park

Eagle Park, located on Fourth N. between the Animal Shelter and Walters Ready Mix, offers students a peaceful park full of trees and seclusion. There’s a river on sight that offers calming background noise, perfect for journaling or reading.

There are 24 campsites and while there’s an overnight fee of $10, visiting for a couple of hours is free.

Trees surround Eagle Park Campground.
Trees surround Eagle Park Campground. Photo credit: Grace Wride

Moody Meadow

About 20 minutes southeast of Rexburg is a pretty, forested area overlooking all of Rexburg. There is a small pull out area for cars to stop and enjoy the view. As you continue up the road, you will find open grass areas rarely populated. This is definitely the place to go if you want some private time void of disruption.

This is especially a nice place to visit at night where only the dark and quiet surround you. Few people visit this spot, making it great for nightly meditations.

Nature Park

You might find peace sitting in the quiet fields or small ponds of the Nature Park. This park is trailed with small paths for walkers and runners, as well as a home to wildlife and waterfowl.

You can find many secluded pockets for quiet time and space. If you find yourself needing to take a breath or break, this place is great for some fresh air.

Madison County Fairground

The most attractive thing about this location has to be the darkness that exudes from the empty dirt lot. While the Madison County Fairgrounds has many purposes throughout the spring, summer and fall days, during the winter months and even late nights, it is empty.

This spot isn’t as well known since it is a bit deeper in a local Rexburg community. If you want darkness for your quiet reflection, this is the best option for you.

Behind Albertsons

Along a small stream, a beautiful paved way strikes the center of downtown Rexburg. Trees, brush and a quiet, little spot that is located behind the Albertsons building is the perfect place for reflection.

You will hear the quiet stream amongst the natural sounds that fill the air. This place is perfect for skipping rocks and hearing the beats of your heart.

St. Anthony Sand Dunes

The St. Anthony Sand Dunes are about 20 minutes north of Rexburg. Consisting of 10,600 acres of white quartz sand, you’re sure to find a spot to escape. The miles of hills offer a perfect refuge and a great view of the sunset.

During the day, people ride motorcycles and side-by-sides, so it tends to be quieter at night.

Church parking lots

Church buildings are typically used for worship on Sundays and maybe a couple other meetings throughout the week. The chapels’ empty parking lots area very inviting place for people to park their cars and reflect on their day’s work or to find a minute to destress.

With dozens of church parking lots throughout Rexburg, there is a plethora to choose from in deciding which will provide the most private environment. Regardless of the high number of available spots, the church parking lot right next to the temple seems to be the most popular. Perhaps it is the close proximity to campus that attracts people or maybe it is the view of the temple uplifting people in whatever activity they choose to participate.