Column: Must-dos for your must-do adventure

BYU-Idaho students sit in hot springs Photo credit: Kyle Bringhurst

Goldbug Hot Springs in Salmon, Idaho, is one of the most popular weekend adventures for BYU-Idaho students.

Most will take the six-hour round-trip drive at least once by the end of freshman year, and many will go a few times more before graduating. While going on this must-do, but also most basic, trip consider some of these tips from two experienced students , Kelsey Allred, a junior studying psychology, and Kyle Bringhurst, a senior studying occupational safety and health, to make to most of your trip.

“The essentials are good music, good snacks and good company,” Bringhurst said.

The first thing that needs to be taken care of is tunes. Do not hand over aux privileges to your hipster friend, who always has unique music, for too long. We appreciate their taste, but for this ride, the well-known jams are going to serve best. Try a best of 2010s playlist. Who doesn’t appreciate a good middle school throwback?

The next essential is the snacks, of course. Bringhurst suggests Sour Patch Kids for the car ride. You also have to make sure you have your favorite mixed soda. Luckily, Rexburg has no shortage of soda shops, so make sure to stop by one on your way out of town.

View on hike up to hot springs
View on hike up to hot springs Photo credit: Kayla Nicholls

But the food plans don’t stop with the car ride. On your way back, after your hike and hot spring soak, you’re going to want to grab dinner in Salmon before you make your way out. You might as well get something you can only get there.

“We went to Junkyard Bistro, and it was really good food that didn’t really break the bank and had a variety of options,” Allred said. “The employees were super accommodating for such a large group as well.”

The last essential would be good company, and you’re the only one to make the judgment on who that would be. Figure out whom you’re going to take and check Goldbug off the college bucket list.