COLUMN: The truth about aliens

Photo by Vinícius Caricatte from Pexels

“I saw stuff every night in the sky over Arbon Valley that I could not explain.”

After a couple months of living in a small forest service cabin at the end of Mink Creek Road near Pocatello, Idaho, Colleen O’hara saw lights in the sky.

“It would start every night as one red light in the sky way above the horizon,” O’hara said. “Then it would start darting around and then pretty soon one would become three or four, and then all of them would combine back into one and just vanish just like the light was turned out.”

O’hara served in the United States Navy as an air traffic controller and is currently a Pocatello paranormal researcher. For years, she watched the lights dance over the horizon from her bed, staring out her open window that faced the shadows of the mountains that plunged into Arbon Valley.

“The (lights) came together and darted in the sky really, really fast and because I have grown up flying airplanes my whole life, I can tell its not aviation speeds; It’s much too fast for that,” O’hara said. “The only explanation in my head was a UFO because it was moving too fast. This is not anything I know we have technology for.”

O’hara isn’t the only one to have witnessed these same lights. After she moved from her cabin, the new owners called her asking about the lights in the sky, and over the last two years, O’hara has seen a spike in other UFO sighting reports near Pocatello.

On July 2, World UFO Day encourages us to ask ourselves, “What do I believe? Are there other life forms in outer space amongst the trillions of planets and galaxies out there?”

In 2020, 164 people in Idaho reported UFO sightings and according to Satellite Internet, Idaho ranked as the No.1 U.S. state for UFO sightings per capita.

The National UFO Reporting Center gets hundreds of UFO sighting reports. Between March 30 and April 23, they received 245 new reports, but these are only the reported sightings. What about those that go unreported because people aren’t quite sure what they witnessed?

Idaho Press published an article in January on UFOs and shared a witness account reported to the National UFO Reporting Center:

“Me and some of my work colleagues were staying late after a social distancing barbecue. Coming from the southeast were a trio of orange-amber lights emitting (from) objects. I quickly pointed them out and all eight of us stared dumbfounded as these three lights made their way across the sky heading towards Bogus Basin Ski Resort. … As a firm believer in science, I can find no explanation for both the glow and formation these flying objects produced.”

Idaho has had its fair share of unexplained, unidentified objects in outer space. The Caribou-Targhee National Forest is part of what some call the Idaho Bermuda Triangle, an area in Idaho filled with countless stories of disappearances and unnatural phenomena.

Rumors and legends say that dozens of cars driving between the Caribou National Forest Road and Conda, Idaho get involved in mysterious and unexplained accidents. According to Only In Your State, there have been numerous reports of strange forces moving cars off the road. The article shared two personal accounts: Wanda Peavey (1994) claimed a band of apparitions caused her to swerve off the road, while David Massett (1989) said he felt his car sliding on ice in the middle of the summer.

Greg Brower, an administration support specialist at the Idaho Bureau of Land Management in Pocatello, has lived eastern Idaho his entire life and has heard stories just like these over the years. Instead of the Idaho Bermuda Triangle, he’s heard it referred to as the Devil’s Triangle.

“I’ve heard anything from people seeing apparitions on the road that has caused them to be in an accident, and you also get people who tie it to some magnetic pull from Yellowstone,” Brower said. “I believe something is going on through that stretch. It is one of those areas where things happen. And how do you explain something like that? It’s not just one, it’s been over the years.”

According to Paranoia Magazine (2017), the Idaho Highway Department and State Police have been concerned and confused with the amount of accidents on the safe stretch of road. They took statements from witnesses and found that most drivers were driving at moderate speeds when their car unexpectedly swung off the road.

Some blame these unexpected occurrences on forces in Yellowstone or other unexplained causes, such as UFO activity. Paranoia Magazine reported that many UFOs are supposedly surrounded by a force field, which can have a strong influence on our reality.

“I like to keep an open mind,” Brower said. “Maybe there is something hanging around out there. Enough people bring it up that it’s got to be there. There is something there, we just haven’t figured out what it is yet.”

While many may believe these stories to be confused with meteors, satellites or conspiracy theories, the United States Department of Defense released three videos of UFOs from the Navy in April 2020 after they were originally leaked. In the videos, Navy personnel captured footage of unidentified flying objects. In one video, a UFO began rotating while flying at incredible speeds and continued to fly at an odd angle. The videos can be watched on YouTube.

Ex-CIA director, John Brennan, said in an interview on Conversations with Tyler, “I think it’s a bit presumptuous and arrogant for us to believe that there’s no other form of life anywhere in the entire universe…. I think some of the phenomena we’re going to be seeing continues to be unexplained and might, in fact, be some type of phenomenon that is the result of something that we don’t yet understand and that could involve some type of activity that some might say constitutes a different form of life.”

The Department of Defense recently agreed to release more information about UFOs and share unclassified reports. John Ratcliffe, former National Intelligence Director, told Fox News on March 19 that the report would include information that cannot easily be explained.

What additional information will they release? Will the evidence confirm your beliefs or challenge them?

During World UFO Day, take a moment to ask yourself, “Are there really aliens out there? Are there other life forms in this massive universe other than ourselves?”

Earth can’t be the only planet among the 100 billion planets in our galaxy that has life. The question isn’t whether or not other life exists. The question is, where are they and what do they want?

The truth about aliens is that they are in our backyard.