Come see “The Artist’s Way” at the Romance Theater

Photo credit: Scroll Archives

The Romance Theater is hosting a free 12-week study of “The Artist’s Way,” a creativity workbook by Julia Cameron.

It will be held at the Romance Theater on East Main St. every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

The Rexburg Arts Facebook page stated, “It is free to participate in this arty book club. Bring your workbook and come prepared to share what you are learning in your creative journey. We look forward to exploring ‘The Artist’s Way’ with you.”

The online course is designed to help individuals find the tools to unblock their creativity.

“I would be interested in taking a course like this,” said Noel Blacker, a junior studying construction management. “Creativity is very important in today’s world. Just being able to express yourself in different ways that expand your knowledge and your skills is a powerful thing. It expands our perspective which translates to different aspects of our lives.”

Those interested in attending will be part of what is called the “Creative Cluster,” which is an informal gathering for creative individuals who are looking to connect and be inspired.

“Participating in community events gives us the opportunity to meet new people,” said Megan Park, a sophomore studying business management. “We can express our differences and accept each other because of them. It’s a chance for us to bond in a new way.”

More information about the event can be found on the Rexburg Arts Facebook Page.