Cozy Co. warms up hands and hearts this holiday season

Microwaveable hand warmers will keep their customers during the cold winter months Photo credit: Abby Jorgensen

The Integrated Business Core company Cozy Co. is ready to keep students warm this winter. It sells handmade hand warmers and heat packs infused with essential oils.

“We want to provide warmth to the hands and hearts of the community,” said Brandon Colvin, a senior studying business management.

The hand warmers and heat packs come with heating instructions and are microwaveable. The company offers different fabrics, scents and styles that change throughout the semester.

According to the Cozy Co. website, “We take pride in our handcrafted products that will be sure to leave you feeling cozy.”

At the booth outside the Hyrum Manwaring Center, those running the booth offer free hot chocolate to students walking by.

“We want to give out hot chocolate for free because we want people to stay warm, and we want people to come to the booth and have a good experience, whether or not they buy something,” said Cadee Adair, a senior studying business management.

The IBC program offers students a hands-on way to create a business alongside their peers. Cozy Co. gave 19 students the opportunity to handle marketing, operation and finance.

Kadee Adair and Brandon Colvin selling homemade hand warmers
Kadee Adair and Brandon Colvin selling homemade hand warmers Photo credit: Abby Jorgensen

“One of the best things that I have gained is how to create an effective business but also how to keep the customers happy,” Adair said. “One part of running a successful company is having a good culture and having trust in your company, even when things aren’t going super well.”

Cozy Co. provides a way for these IBC students to gain experience working in a fast-paced business environment.

Cozy Co. will sell until the end of the semester. The best way to follow along its journey is through its Instagram.