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Crispy Cones relocates to Main Street

Crispy Cones relocated to Main Street early spring. Free ice cream was given to all who attended the Grand Opening at 163 W. Main St. Suite 102 while supplies lasted.

Crispy Cones has been in business in Rexburg for four years.

“We started in a tent in 2018 then upgraded to a trailer and now we upgraded to a store,” said Jeremy Carlson, owner of Crispy Cones.

Carlson’s idea began in a BYU-Idaho dorm. Carlson began mastering the grilled dough Czech desert cone. The rotisserie style grill was purchased when Carlson started his his first semester at BYU-I school started. After many failed location attempts, the business finally began next to Karie Anne’s.

Employee adding Kit Kats to swirl ice cream.
Employee adding Kit Kats to swirl ice cream. Photo credit: Berrett Harris

Crispy Cones has since moved closer to campus in hopes to educate the public about their Czech dessert. Previously, Crispy Cones was in a trailer in the Pick Me Up parking lot near Deseret Industries.

The Crispy Cone is unlike a traditional cone. It follows a specific step to ordering. Crispy Cones is a new variation of soft serve ice cream. The cone is not a traditional wafer-style cone, rather it is grilled rotisserie style, covered in cinnamon sugar or crushed Oreo.

The next step is to choose from three different flavors, vanilla, chocolate and swirl. Inside the grilled cone is a spread, which are Nutella, peanut butter or cookie butter.

According to its website https://www.czechcrispycones.com/ it states, “We are revolutionizing the soft serve cone.

After the ice cream cone is created, it is topped with sauce and a variety of different toppings. The three sauce options include Nutella, cookie butter or caramel. Topping options include a variety of candies, fruits and nuts.

“I love the cinnamon cone, it is nothing like an ice cream cone, more like a scone with ice cream and toppings. I love it.” said Kennedy Lee, a Rexburg resident.

Crispy Cones provides dairy free options. The fruit cone is filled with warm bananas and strawberries as well as your choice of spread and sauce.

“I love that they have other options for people like me who get sick eating dairy,” explained Madison High Student Josh Hansen. “If you haven’t tried the fruit cone, it is very good.”

Crispy Cones provides 15 to 18 jobs to students all around Rexburg.

“We have gotten popular. We had 176 job applications for our new store,” explained owner Kait Carlson. “Jobs are scarce here, we want to offer jobs, ideas and opportunities near campus.”

For more information about Crispy Cones products or new location check out https://www.czechcrispycones.com/


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