Czech it out: the Crispy Cones origin story

The Crispy Cones trailer at night Photo credit: Abby Jorgensen

The Tolman’s decided to have one last date night before their second daughter was born. Sierra Tolman, a junior studying floral design, and her husband, Ben Tolman, a senior studying music, sat under the twinkly lights and enjoyed these last moments as a family of three. Together, they agreed that Crispy Cones would be a perfect place to celebrate because of the atmosphere, the unique cones, and the good quality ice cream.

“It’s amazing, duh,” Ben Tolman said.

According to the Crispy Cones website, “Crispy Cones, in Rexburg, Idaho, is a local dessert trailer serving a sweet treat famous in European countries; including the Czech Republic. A Crispy Cone is made with cinnamon, sugar, choice of spread, chocolate and fruit toppings, and whipped cream or ice cream.”

Jeremey Carlson, the owner and creator, has put much time into perfecting the recipe of the authentic Czech dessert the customers know and love. It didn’t happen overnight.

“I spent so many hours at my aunt’s house in St. Anthony, just figuring out the dough, practicing, trial and error,” Carlson said. “Hundreds of balls of dough, so much money spent trying to figure out the recipe.”

Carlson was first introduced to the classic street food while he was serving his mission in the Czech Republic. It captured his attention and he felt very strongly that it was something he should bring to the States.

“Crispy Cones is as original as it comes, as far as straight from the Czech Republic,” Carlson said. “I would say that the ideas were coordinated from the Czech Republic, I learned from them, and then I brought it back here, changed some things, originated some things, Americanized some things, and then started Crispy Cones.”

Employee holds cone
Employee holds cone Photo credit: Abby Jorgensen

Once he had researched and perfected the recipe, he decided that it was time to open. He bought a white tent on Amazon and asked his two friends to help out.

Carlson had very low expectations, but he felt their opening day was a huge success. All of the proceeds made that day were donated to the Family Crisis Center. The wait time was an hour and a half, and they ended up selling out an hour before closing.

“That first year I was basically a nobody,” Carlson said. “I was just a freshman. I was trying to handle 15 credits at BYU-I. I was also driving Lyft in Idaho Falls to make extra cash, and I was teaching. It sounds like a lot.”

Carlson later traded the white tent for a silver, metallic trailer. It is located at 565 North Second Street. One of the biggest staples of his uniquely designed trailer is the front glass window. The public can watch as the employees make their cones.

Carlson is working on opening his second location in Logan, Utah. There are many new surprises in store, such as a new speciality flavor every week. The best way to stay up to date with all things Crispy Cones is by following them on Instagram @crispycones_

“It has grown super fast,” Carlson said. “It’s been a good blessing and a cool thing to create out of nothing.”