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Dala The Folk Duo’s Concert

BYU Idaho hosted Dala a folk music gro from Canada. The gro consists of Sheila Carabine and Amanda Walther. They both met each other while in high school, at  band practice and became best friends. The girls have been performing together as Dala for over 10 years, performing wherever they can go.

“You know what I think honestly we just want to communicate with them,” said Amanda Walther, member of Dala. “We really wanna connect with people and I find we do that the most when we’re being honest and sincere in our song writing and on stage. So we’re just looking for a connection.”

“I think because you know we try to be very present on stage and connect with each other and have a great time and that generally is infectious everybody wants to be around somebody who’s you know doing the thing they love,” said Sheila Carabine, member of Dala.

“In every possible way its an outlet um like even just at this concert you could tell they would experience something and then they would write a song about it and that’s pretty much how music is,” said Julie Slaugh, a senior studying music education.  “It helps you like sort through experiences.”

Dala’s performance went well. The audience was cracking at all the jokes the girls told.

“I went to Hawaii I got a tan… which for me is just another shade of white where you can’t see my organs,” said Walther.

Dala was nominated for the juno award back in 2011 for their live album they released.


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