Dark lights with a hint of glow

Students playing glow-in-the-dark volleyball. Photo credit: Kela Munnerlyn

Glow Night was a success. For $6, students could get a pizza and drink or ice cream and participate in the different activities.

Students sprinted from one room to the next, trying to fill their time with a variety of entertainment options hosted for all the students, including glow-in-the-dark volleyball, dodgeball, bubble soccer, laser tag, karaoke, Just Dance, escape rooms, roller skating and bowling.

“The pandemic has been lonely,” said Joshua Palmer, a senior and volunteer for Spirit Week studying biomedical science. “People are missing the love. They are not being seen, being heard. I think it’s an opportunity to come and enjoy that. I feel a connection with my peers now because we went through this pandemic together.”

Glow Night was an opportunity for students to get connected after a drought of social engagements.

One example of the great fun that students had at Glow Night was located in the BYU-Idaho Center. Students competed in a crate stacking competition to see who could get theirs the highest. One of the contestants, Samuel Witt, a sophomore studying computer science, was able to stack 15 crates on top of one another while simultaneously climbing up each one, breaking the record for the school.

“It makes me happy that we’re able to host events,” Witt said.

Now with the pandemic being managed to the point students are once again able to host these grand events at BYU-I, it begs the question, when’s the next one?

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