Devotional cover: ‘Go about doing good’

Jennifer Jones addressing the school. Screen shot taken by Abby Jorgensen

Jennifer Jones, the ticketing and ushering assistant, addressed the school on July 6 through a prerecorded devotional. It is available on the BYU-Idaho website.

She bore her testimony about how important it is to show acts of love and how they can positively impact people for good. This major theme was woven throughout her address.

“The kindness you show to others, often has a rippling effect,” Jones said. “Showing kindness versus anger and disdain may help others to try harder and extend kindness and forgiveness to others when they are wronged.”

She demonstrated the rippling effect by placing a few drops of food coloring in a bowl of milk. The drops represented the people around us. Then a Q-Tip with dish soap on one end was placed in the center of bowl. The Q-Tip represented us. She started swirling it around in small circles and the food dye began expand outward. This effective analogy showed the impact people can have on others and how fast it can spread.

Jones encouraged students to be mindful of those around them and to find one, small way to serve every day because we may never know how big of a difference it can make.

“My invitation to you is to think of someone you know who could use your nurturing and building,” Jones said. “Who may be in need of your inclusiveness, kindness, and love?”

She gave ideas on how to achieve this like smiling, listening to, including and complimenting others.

“I bear testimony that as we are kind and love those around us, we will become better disciples of Jesus Christ,” Jones said. “I also testify that we can be the Lord’s hands here on earth and we can have power to change peoples’ lives.”