Devotional cover: President Oaks asks students to trust in the Lord

Photo credit: Dallen Vick

As the world continues to move, so does mankind. The human race is programmed to move endlessly. When hardships become too difficult to bear, it may often seem as if the world stops.

How do students put their trust and faith into the Lord’s hands when the world continues to move forward and theirs stops?

How can anyone find those still, small moments of tranquility and comfort?

The Oaks’ after their devotional.
The Oaks’ after their devotional. Photo credit: Kaitlyn Davis

Before students and faculty gathered to hear the message from President Dallin H. Oaks and his wife, Kristen Oaks, they asked the audience about their thoughts on Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.”

What does this verse mean?

“Go where the Lord tells you to go even if it is not where YOU want to go” said Conner Ian Gary Birt on the devotional discussion board.

Trusting in the Lord means to surrender oneself fully, even if it is not what one desires.

Students wave to their friends so they can sit together before devotional.
Students wave to their friends so they can sit together before devotional. Photo credit: Kaitlyn Davis

Melissa Pitsch also wrote on the discussion board, “He wants to hear from us just like our parents do, so we need to knock and open the door. We are happier when we follow the Lord Jesus Christ and become true disciples of Him.”

Now, here is what President and Sister Oaks had to say.

Sister Oaks opened by talking about faith and the temple. She shared how the world is full of surprises and that now, more than ever, everyone is tested at every corner. This is the time to hold on to the truth and doctrines of Jesus Christ.

Photo credit: Kaitlyn Davis

She showed an image of the temple’s scaffolding and its progress.

“We do not know the future,” Sister Oaks said, “but we do know with a certainty that, just like the photo you saw, that under the scaffolding lies the temple, the house of the Lord, and every day, they work a bit more to reinforce and strengthen it. In three years, it will emerge more beautiful, more perfect and able to stand in every circumstance.”

Her main message was that as life continues to test mankind, as long as humans preserve and hold onto their truths, they can come out resilient and valiant.

She then ended with saying how much she and her husband loves us and that the Lord is waiting and beckoning for us to pour out our hearts to Him.

President and Sister Oaks wave to the crowd after their talks.
President and Sister Oaks wave to the crowd after their talks. Photo credit: Kaitlyn Davis

President Oaks provided insight on what it means to have faith, especially in the Lord Jesus Christ.

President Oaks began with the definition to the word faith in the gospel and how faith is another word for trust.

“Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ prepares us for whatever life brings,” President Oaks said. “Faith prepares us to deal with life’s opportunities — to take advantage of those we receive and to persist through the disappointment of those we lose.”

President Oaks then expressed the importance of obtaining and maintaining our faith in the Savior.

An inspiring story that exhibits faith in action was shared from a fellow BYU-I student. President Oaks told this story to the audience.

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A student wanted to go on a mission, but there were many obstacles that prevented the student from even finding the will to serve. Their family was not in support of a mission, the paperwork was delayed, the student began to lose hope. But then there was a still, small voice that repeated these words to them, “endure to the end.”

The perfect group that emulated this phrase, “endure to the end,” was the Latter-day Saint pioneers. They were the definition of true resilience in the face of adversity.

So, how does one become resilient in the face of adversity when it is now normal to trust no one but themselves?

Photo credit: Dallen Vick

“We will learn, as did our pioneer ancestors, that it is only in faith — real faith, whole-souled, tested and tried — that we will find safety and confidence as we walk our own perilous pathways through life,” President Oaks quoted from a talk by Russell M. Ballard titled “You Have Nothing to Fear from the Journey.”

The Lord has claimed each one of us. It is now up to us, if we claim Him.