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DEVOTIONAL PREVIEW: Connecting to God’s power

Melanie Kennelly, director of quality assurance at BYU-Idaho, will speak at devotional on Feb. 4 at 11:30 a.m. She will discuss the way students can rely on the Lord to make important decisions. The title of her address is “Connecting to God’s Power and Trusting Him.”

Kennelly has been associated with BYU-I and its students for over 20 years. First, she attended BYU-Idaho as a student. After graduating, she became a professor in the Mathematics Department prior to working in her current position.

Kennelly said that college students are in a time where they have many important decisions to make.

“The critical questions at this point in your lives require connecting to God’s power,” Kennelly said.

As she mentioned, decisions like choosing a career path, an eternal companion, balancing finances and many others can put a great deal of pressure on students.

“Heavenly Father does know what’s best for you in your life,” Kennelly said. “The important part is trusting that He does know.”

There are two things everybody should do to make better decisions:

  • Seek God’s counsel
  • Trust and believe in His guidance

“It is hard and scary because His promptings do not always make sense to us,” Kennelly said.

She advises BYU-Idaho students to take one day at a time, and continue to do the small and simple things we are commanded to do while seeking God’s help.

Students can share answers and insights in this week’s devotional discussion board and can attend a luncheon with Kennelly following the devotional. Luncheon tickets are available for $3.


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