Devotional preview: Encircled in the arms of our Savior’s love

Susan Orme's Devotional Picture Photo credit: BYU-Idaho

On Oct. 5 at the BYU-Idaho Center, Susan Orme will share her thoughts with students and faculty on campus.

According to her BYU-I biography, Orme was born and raised here in Idaho, specifically Sugar City. Orme earned three degrees. She earned her associate’s degree from Ricks College, continuing on to a bachelor’s degree in math education from Utah State University. Five years later, she earned her master’s degree in math education from BYU while completing her doctorate degree from the University of Idaho.

The five years prior to obtaining her master’s degree, Orme taught at Teton High School. Now, she is a mathematics professor at BYU-I.

Orme currently serves as the first counselor in her ward’s Relief Society. She loves her family of 26 nieces and nephews.

In preparation for Orme’s devotional, she asked students and faculty to share a time when they felt enriched in the arms of the Savior’s love and how it made them feel.

Kathryn Rubert, a BYU-I student, shared her experience of when she began to doubt the Church and how there was one question that needed answering — it would be the deciding factor in her staying or leaving the Church.

“In that moment I knew that the Church was true and that God knew that I knew it,” Rubert said. “I also felt like the Savior was there encircling me with His love as if to tell me that it was okay to have questions and that He is there for me to guide me to truth.”

When Rubert shared this story, Orme reaffirmed how much the Lord loves each of God’s children.

Several others went on to share their experiences with feeling the brightness of spirit that the Savior possesses.

Alamoana Maeva, a student who wrote on the discussion board, went to every possible place for healing from an illness she faced, but nothing could save her. So one night she prayed in the dark of her room and claimed she felt the Savior in the room with her. Maeva said it was in that very moment that the Lord, the Redeemer, rescued her.

“I prayed with a sincere heart, ask(ed) God for help, and now I am so blessed with His love, blessed with his presence in times of need,” said Maeva.

Maeva’s 10-year journey fighting for her life in the midst of death strengthened her testimony in the Savior. Maeva’s story about her illnesses and her constant battle to survive inspired many others to respond.

For this upcoming devotional, Orme urges everyone to find those tender mercies of when the Savior has His arms circled around God’s children.