Devotional preview: Gaining a knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel

Photo courtesy of BYU-Idaho

On Oct. 26 at the BYU-Idaho Center, Daris Howard will express his thoughts about the gospel to students and faculty.

According to his biography, Howard received an associate degree from Ricks College. He continued his education by obtaining a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and a master’s degree from Utah State University. His chosen career path is in mathematics.

After getting his doctorate degree from American College of Education, he became a syndicate short story columnist.

Howard has published over 25 books alongside 22 plays and musicals. He currently teaches mathematics and computer science courses.

Howard has had many callings from serving in the elders quorum presidency to Primary, but the ones he most enjoyed are scoutmaster and Primary chorister.

Howard and his wife have been foster parents for several years, and their family runs a summer community theater.

Howard is a family orientated man. He and his wife have 10 children and 14 grandchildren, with two more on the way this year.

In preparation for Howard’s devotional, he asked students to ponder and share their responses on how they “gain a knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel.”

Here are some of the responses from this discussion:

“We can gain a knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel by preparing our mind to receive it,” said Doris Okolocha, a student attending BYU-I. “Most of the time we seek by learning, but when we are not certain of what we want to do, but our minds are occupied with so many things, which hinder the truth to penetrate to the heart where the understanding will take place. For the study to be effective and the faith to wax strong, we need to prepare our minds where the meditation will take place.”

A couple of students admired her response to Howard’s question. The part that students took in was that people can better know of the truthfulness of the gospel by preparing to receive it.

“I have come to learn that to gain this knowledge of The Gospel, I must actually live what I have learned,” said Alejandro Castillo, a student attending BYU-I.

Besides the discussion, many others can hope to be spiritually nourished at Howard’s upcoming devotional.