Devotional preview: Keys to happiness

LuWana Roberts will speak at devotional on Sept. 28. Photo credit: BYU-Idaho

LuWana Roberts will address BYU-Idaho students and faculty at devotional on Sept. 28 in the BYU-I Center.

Roberts is from Rexburg and has worked at BYU-I for 33 years, according to her BYU-I biography. She holds degrees from Utah State University in business education and secretarial science, and she served a mission in West Germany. She has seven children and 19 grandchildren with her husband, Marshall Roberts.

To prepare for devotional, Roberts asked the BYU-I devotional discussion board this question: “What do you think is a key to happiness, and what makes you happy?”

BYU-I students’ answers revolved around a few central ideas.

“For me, the key to happiness is living the gospel of Jesus Christ,” wrote Gina Bautista, a BYU-I student. “By doing this, I am able to better serve the Lord and bless other people. It’s what makes me happy.”

Many in the discussion board echoed Bautista’s sentiments. Others focused on a more specific teaching of the gospel — how giving oneself to others brings happiness.

“For me the key to happiness is service,” wrote Patricia Jones, another student. “I have found that even when life seems awful, if I focus on serving someone else, I have peace and happiness fill my heart. The Savior’s admonition to lose your life in service in order to find it is so true. When my life is difficult, of course I want to ‘lose’ it, or find a greater purpose. Service is key in bringing a healing balm to a broken heart, in finding meaning and purpose, in feeling complete and important, and in feeling loved. Service is love in action, so making love come to life is done through service.”