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Devotional Preview: President and Sister Eyring will welcome students to spring semester

Wearing an aviator hat and goggles, President Henry J. Eyring and Kelly C. Eyring welcomed students to the spring semester while “flying” in a small, yellow airplane.

“No matter where you are in the world, whether it is Rexburg or a distant country, we feel very close to you,” President Eyring shouted over the sound of the plane’s engine in the short devotional promotional video.

They expressed their excitement about the great academic, social and spiritual opportunities students will have while studying this semester.

“Flying over high spiritual mountains or through storms can be hard. Or sometimes frightening…” Sister Eyring trailed off as their plane dove towards the ground. Once they regained control, she continued, “Our lifelong advancement is the purpose of this beautiful world that Heavenly Father created for us.”

As students prepare for tomorrow’s devotional, they were asked the following questions: When have you achieved a personal goal to be more spiritually strong? How did you do it? Did it come quickly, or did it take time and patience? What did you learn from that experience?

Many students agreed personal goals take time and patience.

“Personally, achievement takes great effort and time, patience is the true background of achievement,” wrote Dunamis Gospel, a student on the discussion board.

As students begin this semester, they can also apply patience to their school work.

“The ongoing lesson of patience is one that is applied daily,” wrote Robbie Gard, a student on the discussion board. “Recently I was working two jobs whilst undergoing study and I was working myself to exhaustion. Right when it seemed like there was no reprieve, a better paying job came up with better hours. I saw from this experience that after all we can do, the rest will be carried by someone who is able to carry the burdens. Jesus Christ can carry us if we stay worthy and do all we can with the correct mindset.”

Students are invited to prepare for devotional every week on the discussion boards found on Canvas. Devotionals will be held every Tuesday morning.

This semester’s first devotional will be broadcasted at 11:30 a.m. on the BYU-Idaho website.


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