Devotional preview: Seeking God’s light

Taunya Hansen will speak on the light of Christ. Photo credit: BYU-Idaho

Taunya Hansen, an accounts payable specialist for the BYU-Idaho Accounting Office, will give her devotional address on July 27.

According to her BYU-I biography, Hansen has worked in the Accounting Office for 22 years. She has one son, two daughters, a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law and they are the lights of her life.

In her talk, “Seek the Light,” Hansen will discuss the light of Christ, how it is given to every person on the earth and how it is a powerful influence for good.

Hansen will share personal experiences that have brought her closer to God’s light. She will also suggest three different ways to seek and receive more light in this life.

Hansen will encourage students to diligently seek God’s light in every aspect of their lives. In the BYU-I discussion board, Hansen invited students to ponder different ways to share the gospel light to others.

Her address can be viewed here at 11:30 a.m.