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Drawing dreams from gremlins

It’s another one of those days. Your alarm failed to go off, you lost your keys, and you made it to class without realizing your shirt was inside out. Is it karma, coincidence…or just a case of the gremlins?

The Gremlins were cartoonist Roald Dahl’s impression of mischievous mythical creatures with a taste for sabotage. They now serve as the muse of Katie Lee, a sophomore studying art.

“They’re just so cute,” Lee said. “They’ve got these brown little noses and bodies. They look like chubby little kids.”

Lee studies illustration and aspires to work for Disney or Marvel as a comic cartoonist writer.

“I’ve got some plans for them,” Lee said.

Lee’s interest in the illustrated world began developing as far back as she can remember.

“My brother, when he went to the library — when people went to those things — he would get the Avengers comics, the Spiderman comics, and I would read them,” Lee said.

Lee also loves littering her notebooks with scribbles and doodles. She recalls submitting a piece into an art show once.

“It wasn’t really my best because the paper wasn’t very good, now that I look back on it,” Lee said. “It probably broke all the elements of design. Thank goodness art improves.”

Lee does her best to improve. Utilizing her favorite medium of graphite, Lee doesn’t go a day without making some sketches. She fills two to three large notebooks per year.

“I’ll give you the advice I’ve heard every artist say — well mostly these two animators of Phineas and Ferb, Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh — I go by their words, ‘Draw, draw, draw,’” Lee said.


An artist’s ambitions may not always receive an abundance of recognition, much as Dahl’s gremlins gradually dwindled into obscurity, but Lee doesn’t let that dissuade her from pursuing her passion.


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