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Drowsy driving and dogs at large

The following comes from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Rexburg Police Department police logs and is public record.

Dogs at large

“Returned a stray dog to the owner. Will be serving a dog letter due to multiple dog at large calls with the owners.”

“I responded to a call where a dog was stolen by the neighbor and kept due to lack of nourishment.”

Artist’s work not appreciated

“Police responded to a report of graffiti on a bridge that crosses a canal. Police photographed the graffiti, and advised the Rexburg Street Department of the damage. There is nothing further at this time.”

Drowsy driving causes crashes

“Police responded to the area of 7th South and 2nd East in reference to a single vehicle accident. Police arrived and made contact with a single driver who advised that he had fallen asleep and struck a pole. Police gathered the drivers information and documented the damage. The property owner for the damaged property was contacted and an impact report was done.”

Did you lose your wallet?

“Police were contacted about a lost wallet. Police were able to identify the owner, and are attempting to return the wallet to the owner.”


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