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Experience talented diversity at Open Mic Night

On June 15, Campus Life Events held Open Mic Night, a weekly event for BYU-Idaho students from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Hyrum Manwaring Center.

The event featured a variety of different performances such as singing, spoken word and musical pieces. Much of the music performed consisted of songs from artists such as Taylor Swift and Johnny Cash, but original pieces from performers were included as well.

Unlike other musical events on campus like Acoustic Café and I-Talent, Open Mic Night does not require auditions. Anyone with a desire to perform and share their talents is invited to participate.

“If you have a talent that can be done with a microphone, you can come and do it,” said Haylee Maughan, a member of the Student Activities Program and a junior studying recreation management.

A student performs on guitar at Open Mic Night.
A student performs on guitar at Open Mic Night. Photo credit: Grady Ellsworth

Many students have enjoyed the ability to participate in Open Mic Night without the need to audition. Many students found peace and comfort in performing an event with no specific expectations

“You can get up there and sing a terrible song, and people will still clap,” said Hunter Ostler, a sophomore studying agronomy. “Its just a really good starting point for people wanting to perform so they can get those nerves out.”

Amongst the performances, a band called Milk and Cookies, featuring bass, guitar, violin, piano and vocals participated as well. The members of the band have a mutual love for music.

“We shared this passion for music, and we decided to put it together into a band,” said Nina Tulieva, a freshman studying family and consumer science.

Nina plays piano or the band Milk and Cookies at Open Mic Night.
Nina plays piano or the band Milk and Cookies at Open Mic Night. Photo credit: Natalee Westover

Practicing for the performances each week is not the only preparation that’s needed for this event. Some student employees in charge of lighting and sound were tasked with making sure everything looked and sounded presentable.

“We really need to have a creative mind and think on the fly with these types of events,” said BraeLynn Cotton, a sophomore studying communication. “We start by getting an idea of what they’re doing, or what they’re going to do, and we pretty much just go from there.”

This Open Mic Night, as well as several others during the past year, have needed to be slightly altered to stay in line with COVID-19 restrictions. Everyone, including performers, wore masks and the stage was sanitized between performances.

Open Mic Night occurs every Tuesday night at 7 p.m., typically at The Crossroads but can be subject to change. BYU-I’s I-Belong page contains more information.


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