Fall Fest starts the season off with a bang

Multiple people crowd-surfed throughout the night, including Cinder's lead vocalist, Montana Smith. Photo credit: Katie Card

The trees around the temporary outdoor stage illuminated pink and purple as lights flashed to a steady beat. In the thick of the crowd, a young woman was lifted up and tossed into the air again and again, supported by the many hands raised up around her.

“I’m still alive, alive,” sang Montana Smith, vocalist for the Salt Lake City band Cinders, and the crowd shouted along, burning with excitement despite the chill of the night.

This was the third and final hour of Fall Fest, and the crowd was still growing in energy and momentum.

Rexburg Life is an organization that, according to its website, proclaims itself as “Your guide to everything Rexburg.” Tonight’s Fall Fest, held from 6 – 9 p.m. in a lot next to the Rexburg Standard Journal, was the first of many events they hope to hold.

“I think that we’ve seen students do want something in Rexburg,” said Braden Moser, a senior studying communication who works for Rexburg Life and did sound and tech for the event. “They want entertainment, they want stuff to do, they want social events. It’s been so long since we’ve had them because of COVID, and Rexburg Life is trying to bring that back and give that to students and the community.”

Food trucks and booths surrounded the lot, with local businesses including K’Lanis, Taco Box, Fair Land and more. Besides food, attendees also had plenty of opportunities to win more than $1,000 worth of prizes. Righteous Slice, Jensen Jewelers, Sled Shed and Jamba Juice were only a few of the sponsors of the many giveaways taking place every half hour.

The crowd blurred into pumping fists and jumping bodies as people enjoyed the live music playing during Fall Fest.
The crowd blurred into pumping fists and jumping bodies as people enjoyed the live music playing during Fall Fest. Photo credit: Katie Card

In between event staff throwing gift cards into the crowd, Texture Love, Cinders and local Rexburg artists carried the night along with live music, drawing a larger and larger crowd as time went on.

Damon Rennaker was one such artist and hopes to perform at future events as well.

“It’s cool to see all the food trucks and see all the people come out, even though it was only the first event,” Rennaker said.

Mckaydee Call, a sophomore studying food science, heard about the event from her cousin.

“It was really fun,” Call said. “I think once the crowd actually came in toward the stage and we were all dancing and just kind of doing whatever, I thought that was super fun.”

Although attendance was lower than hoped for, Moser is confident that numbers will only grow as Rexburg Life holds more events.

“I think it’s hard when an organization comes in and they try and do an event and you haven’t heard of them,” Moser said. “We’re super grateful to all the people that did come. We’re hoping that, as we do more events like this, we’ll get a lot more people and everybody will know about us. That’s the goal.”

To learn more about Rexburg Life and stay updated on future events, check out their website and Instagram for continual updates. The website also has links to all of the performers and how to support their music.