Finance department introduces a new minor

Picture Credit: stevepb via Pixabay

The Department of Finance at BYU-Idaho is introducing a financial planning minor available to any student graduating in Fall Semester 2022 or later. Students can take the necessary classes to earn the minor now.

The minor will consist of courses equaling 22 credits and will give students the knowledge needed to become a certified financial planner.

Financial Planning Minor Course Requirements
Course requirements for all majors pursuing the financial planning minor. List compiled from information provided by Taft Dorman.

Faculty members in the Finance Department, including Jack Fuller and Taft Dorman, have been working hard to design the minor in a way that benefits all students, regardless of their majors.

“We have more internships and jobs than I can throw out there to students,” Dorman said. “The industry is dying for more students to get into the career path.”

He says having a minor in financial planning can be beneficial for students because personal finance is something that affects everyone. Since the demand for financial planners is high, it also can serve as a great backup plan if finding a career in your major becomes difficult.

Dorman describes a career in financial planning as one where you get to help people be happy. Having your personal finances and financial future in order can bring peace of mind.

Some students are already getting involved with the minor by taking the required classes.

“If you’re serious about financial planning, the minor is a big deal for you,” said Josiah Kellogg, a junior majoring in business finance and pursuing a career in financial planning.

Another way to be more involved with the minor and personal finance is to join the Wealth Management Society. The society often holds seminars and workshops about topics like budgeting and investing.

“The Wealth Management Society is the best place to be if you are going to be a financial planner,” said Kellogg.

Students can sign up through a Google Form or through I-Belong.