Foamy feet to hit the streets

Runners starting race in las years foamy 5K Photo credit: Grace Wride

July 2020 was part of a summer no one had experienced before. With the world shut down, Rexburg Races decided to add some fun to the town with its first Foamy 5K.

On July 10 at 9 a.m., Rexburg Races will host its second Foamy 5K. Residents and visitors of Rexburg look forward to running, volunteering or cheering on their friends and family.

“While in high school, I ran around 30 5Ks; the Foamy 5K has been the best 5K that I’ve ever ran,” said Austin Stecklein, a senior studying computer engineering and a runner in last year’s race. “I really like the Foamy 5K because it gets others that don’t like running a reason.”

Many people who dislike running may feel that the sport lacks thrill, but with 10-foot-high foam walls to run through, there is a lot more excitement to this race than a typical 5k, and the fun doesn’t stop when the race is over.

“At the finish line, we’ll have a DJ and foam cannon that the runners can dance and hang out in after the race,” said Jon Faldmo, Rexburg Races Race Director. “My favorite memory from the last Foamy 5K was watching people at the finish line after they had finished their race. They were playing in the foam from the foam cannon, singing along to ‘Sweet Caroline,’ having an awesome time.”

The race will have four different heats, the first one beginning at 9 a.m. then another starting every 20 minutes for the next hour to spread out the fun.

Anyone looking for volunteer opportunities can get involved by emailing Faldmo at