Ghosts haunt the Theater of the Lost Souls

The Virginia theater welcomes you into the attraction. Photo credit: Sabrina Benites

Less than an hour away from Rexburg stand two buildings filled with narrow hallways, many crawl spaces, ladders and steep stairs waiting to be climbed, with monsters and ghouls scaring you from almost every corner. Ghosts will terrorize you, chainsaws will chase you, and monsters will lurk in the dark corners of basements.

The Lost Souls Attractions will be open throughout October. Located in Shelley, Idaho, Lost Souls contains twin attractions: the Theater of the Lost Souls and the Hospital of the Lost Souls.

Seth Fuller, a sophomore majoring in marriage and family studies, enjoyed the attractions.

“Man, I indeed was scared,” Fuller said. “I highly suggest bringing along a plus one, maybe even your crush to make things better. It definitely made my night better.”

Fog machines, strobe lights and limited vision are included in the experience. Running is prohibited as well as touching volunteers and cussing. Some of the volunteers at the Lost Souls Attractions are children, so the staff ask attendees to keep the environment family-friendly by avoiding vulgarities.


In 2007, Andrew and Camilla Christensen held their first haunted attraction at the Virginia Theater in Shelley, Idaho. The attraction was named the Theater of the Lost Souls, as many have reported seeing real ghosts in the building.

Camilla Christensen shares partial ownership with Andrew. She can recount multiple occurrences of customers seeing actual ghosts in the attractions.

“I remember talking to people after the theater one night,” Camilla Christensen said. “They said that the little girl in the basement scared the living daylight out of them. I immediately was shocked. There was no little girl down there, as I had sent two little boys down there to scare people. It was terrifying to come to that realization.”

2017 marked the 10-year anniversary of the theater’s opening. In celebration, the team purchased a historical building neighboring the theater, turning it into the Hospital of the Lost Souls. They gave both buildings the overall name of the Lost Souls Attractions.

According to the Lost Souls website, the Christensens love sharing “their passion, skill and creativity … in the incredibly terrifying experience.”

Tickets and pricing

General admission per attraction is $10 Monday through Thursday and $12 Friday and Saturday.

Fast passes per attraction are $15 Monday through Thursday and $18 Friday and Saturday.

The ticket booth is located in between the two attractions.