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Grand Pianos Live showcases ’90s tunes

Grand Pianos Live will be held in the Barrus Concert Hall on Saturday, March 3. This semester, the event will only showcase music from the ’90s.

Students auditioned with covers of popular music from ’90s stars like Backstreet Boys and Brittany Spears.

“I think it will be really funny to go and listen to the awkward music we listened to in the old days when life was more simple and fun,” said Kimberly Scott, a sophomore studying English education.

Acts playing in the show will not just be piano solos like a traditional piano recital. Some songs will be accompanied by drums, while others include singing and new arrangements to familiar songs.

“We want this event to be a fun thing. We want the audience to liven and feel free to dance in their seats, clap their hands, and say, ‘Oh my gosh, I remember this song from fourth grade!’” said Darvil Hurlbut, a freshman studying communication and assistant manager of Grand Pianos Live. “We will be hearing the songs from our youth; it should make us feel young again.”

The new relaxed format for the event includes a ’90s best dressed contest, and ’90s trivia games between acts. Brittany Hurlbut, the show’s manager, sought out high-energy, exciting acts to play in Grand Pianos Live.

“During auditions, we have been looking for acts with a lot of energy, because the more energy someone plays with, the more the crowd feels and has a great time,” Hurlbut said.

Talent Activities hopes that the nostalgic theme of the show will bring a new, more energetic atmosphere to Grand Pianos Live, and bring back treasured childhood memories that will make students want to come back next semester.

Tickets are $3 for students.

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